Monthly Archives: April 2013

Interviewing with a Recruiter? Here’s How to Make it Successful

One of the best ways to find a great new position is to give staffing services a try. Staffing companies employ recruiters who are specifically trained to match professionals with both permanent and temporary positions that are right for them. The first step in working with a recruiter is the initial interview. While you may…
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Does Your Company Suffer From a Skills Gap? Here’s How to Overcome It

Does your company suffer from a skills gap? Here’s how to overcome it. Studies show that there is still an overwhelming surplus of job seekers in most fields today. Yet despite the increased number of applicants, many companies still have difficulty finding employees with the right skills. And this is a no-win situation. Hiring individuals…
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Has your Job Search Strategy Put You on a “Blacklist”?

Employers and recruiters see hundreds—sometimes thousands— of resumes every year. When it comes to unusual or unpleasant job search strategies, they’ve seen it all. From being too passive to calling a manager’s office five times a day, there are plenty of ways to secure your spot on a job applicant “blacklist.” Let’s consider a few…
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