Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Keys to Connecting With Others (and Potential Employers!) on LinkedIn

Making the first move with a new contact is always nerve racking. Whether in person or online, approaching a stranger or new business acquaintance takes time, effort and courage. LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals—particularly job seekers—to connect with like-minded individuals in the same industry. It’s an excellent online portal for networking and can…
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Are You Making These Manager “Morale” Mistakes?

Managers set the tone for the entire workplace. You might not realize it, but your daily attitude in the office impacts each and every one of your employees. If you’re in a good mood, for example, it’s much easier for your team to be in a good mood. You’re their touchstone. And you need to…
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Are Your Career Goals Up To Date? If Not, You Have a Problem

Many professionals struggle to keep their career goals focused over time. As you move through your career, your priorities will inevitably shift. Your professional goals from three years ago, for example, might not match what you want for yourself today. When you feel out of touch with your goals, you’re far more likely to begin…
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