Monthly Archives: July 2016

6 Skills That Will Help You Find an Accounting Job in Washington, DC

From government jobs to positions with major global corporations, the Washington, DC area is filled with rewarding opportunities for accountants. Of course, the city also has one of the most competitive job markets in the country, as an overwhelming 52.5 percent of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, according to Forbes. Position yourself as…
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Is Your Return on Talent Falling Short?

Hiring new employees to join your team is certainly no easy task. In addition to choosing someone who fits into your company culture, you also need to find a candidate with the potential to provide a high return on talent (ROT). Unlike many talent management KPIs — retention rates, time-to-fill, engagement levels — ROT often…
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4 Ways to Tap Into the Hidden Talent Pool

When your organization has an opening, you probably post the position on your HR site and on many popular job boards. This method almost certainly produces a high volume of candidates, but quantity never trumps quality. If you’re tired of feeling limited to sub-par candidates, learn how to gain access to the ultra-exclusive hidden talent…
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