Monthly Archives: November 2016

7 Seasonal Hiring Strategies to Leverage in the 2017 Tax Season

It’s only late November, but you’re probably already starting to get distracted by the holidays. Right now, tax season is the farthest thing from your mind, but you need to move it to the forefront. In reality, the busiest part of the year starts in just a few months, so it’s already time to start…
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Evette Baker Joins Expert Panel Discussion

Recently, our very own Evette Baker participated on the expert panel discussion at the ‘When HR Has a Seat at the Table’ event in McLean, VA hosted by HR Alliance. This summit equipped HR professionals with strategies to reach the next level -the C level- of their organizations. Did you know that the first Human…
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7 Signs Your Employees Are Looking to Leave (and What to Do!)

Once upon a time, your employees were highly engaged. Their motivation and drive impressed you every day, and they always seemed genuinely happy to be at work — but something has shifted. If your staffers are exhibiting these seven signs, they’re planning an exit strategy: Decrease in Productivity When employees start to slack, it’s clear…
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